Trigger sprayers

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Name:Duck Tail Trigger sprayer

Discharge Rate: 0.6-0.9ML/T(Type A), 0.8-1.2ML/T(Type D)

Size: 28/400,28/410

Material : PP,PE,POM,304H,GLASS BALL

Closure Option:Ribbed

MOQ:2,000 PCS

Package: Bulk+Plastic bags+Carton (pipe not connect)


Two caps Trigger sprayer(One is full Plastic,one has steel spring)

There are four types Duck tail trigger which in China we called type A,type B,type C and type D. Duck tail trigger of Type A is more common than another 3 types. Duck tail trigger of Type D is the biggest in the sharp and strongest output(type A output is 0.6-0.9ML/T while the type D output is 0.8-1.2ML/T).The closure with 2 size of 28/400 and 28/410.Our package of this product is 500pcs/Carton with PE bag.Our mini order quantity is 5,000 pcs of this type trigger spray,but we also can accept the trial order if you want to know our quality first.

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Trigger sprayers are generally made from polypropylene (PP) plastic and can be used for general use (water, cleaning solutions) or chemicals. Trigger sprayers are available in a variety of colors, which can be used to identify different products in the bottles. The nozzle can be adjusted to create a fine spray or jet stream for dispensing liquid. All Star Plast (P.Pioneer)offers a wide variety of trigger sprayers in various colors, including standard and neon, as well as assorted styles, such as chemical resistant and heavy duty

Our advantage is :Non-Leaking
All of our trigger assembled by automatically machines, not by human hands ,and we have machine for checking sprayer vacuum,so Engineered not to leak if bottle tips over.

Long Lasting
Our product use Raw plastic material and good quality springs,Outer body protects piston assembly from damage during use and storage.


Restroom Cleaning, House Keeping, Window Cleaning, Car Washes, Auto Detailing, Pest Control, Lawn Care, General Use

Our company is also have a mold factory for more than 15 years,with good experience in plastic molding,so we can offer plastic mold service if you have any request.All of our molds are made by ourself,so our technology and lead time is super than other factories.


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