Save Money By Using Foam Pump Bottles With Your Liquid Soap

Those of you who have the habit of diluting your liquid soap already know that you are actually saving money. But do you know that you can save more money by using a foam pump bottle?
More often than not, a full pump of concentrated liquid soap is really more than what we need. A smart way is to dilute it with water. And after dilution, you will feel that its cleansing power works just as well. For those of us who have done this, we would know better. Our parents did this by filling up a bowl, a small pail or a dispensing pump bottle with water and add in a few good pumps of dish washing liquid and it lasted them for a while. Sometimes even a few days.You can also use foam pump bottles and save even more money. It dispenses foam that is really easy to use. A small mesh screen in the foam pump mechanism mixes the liquid soap with air to produce the foam. It is most suitable for use with liquid soap that are of water-like consistency. For this demonstration, I add 1 part liquid soap to 2 parts water. If your liquid soap is thicker, add more water to thin it out. See demonstration below.

1. Here, I use a 200ml foam pump bottle. Fill the foam pump bottle with 2 parts water.
2. Add in 1 part liquid soap.
foamy pump
3. Cap it, shake to mix the water and liquid soap.
foam pump bottle
And it is ready.

This foam pump bottle dispenses rich and creamy foam. And it uses air without other gasses or propellants. And by the way, do not use any liquid soap with any visible particles as it will clog the foam pump.
You can also try out 1 part liquid soap to 4 or 5 parts water. I have personally tried it out and it works as just well.

Post time: Jul-16-2021

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