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Name:MINI Trigger sprayer- AS105 (Total 4 different design)

Discharge Rate: 0.2-0.3ML/T

Size: 20/410,24/410,28/410


Closure Option: Smooth

MOQ:2,000 PCS

Package: Bulk+Plastic bags+Carton (pipe not connect)


Plastic Trigger sprayer comes in a great selection of designs, styles and color options Depending on your product line you might want to offer something classical, modern, technical or possibly futuristic.All Star Plast (P.Pioneer)can widely reaches your request, also some wonderful designs are available. There is also a variation of the trigger pump which is called the mini trigger pump. Mini trigger can also be used for a wide selection of liquids product solutions. We have 24/410 and 28/410 with smooth and ribbed closure to fit your bottles.There are 4 different design types for you to choose with customized color and tube length,we can meet your more detail requirements because we are the OEM factory. All of our mini trigger sprayer product assemble with full-automatic machines to ensure the product quality.

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Child Safety Features

We all know some liquids can be fatal to young children. They can breathe chemicals in if the wrong spray nozzle is used or some liquids can actually burn the skin. Child safety is very important when choosing your trigger pump. Here are our 4 top child safety tips:

#1. If the chemicals are toxic to the lungs consider a foaming option.

#2. Most trigger sprayers come complete with a twist lock on the end of the nozzle. This is a perfect solution for young children.

#3. Some trigger sprays come with a snap click screw cap. This design is very difficult to remove.

#4. Trigger sprayers can also come with an on/off clip that slides left to right for a working and non-working mode.


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