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Short Description:

Name:MINI Trigger sprayer

Discharge Rate: 0.55-0.6ML/T

Size: 24/410,28/410


Closure Option:Ribbed and Smooth

MOQ:2,000 PCS

Package: Bulk+Plastic bags+Carton (pipe not connect)


The Mini Trigger Sprayer we have size 24/410 and 28/410 neck with Smooth or Ribbed finish closure. It is designed to dispense measured volumes of liquid.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Used for cosmetic and industrial products like, hair, body and tanning spray, fertilizer and plant food. The adjustable nozzle features 0.55 to 0.65ML/T output. Our Mini Trigger spray closures come in a variety of colors that allow you to color code products for easy recognition when refilling bottles with diluted solutions, and when storing them. The tube length can cut being suitable for your bottle.

It is a perfect trigger sprayer for packaging and shipping as it offers a side lock to avoid unintended discharge. As always, we highly recommend testing your products with our trigger sprayer.

Mini trigger sprayers feature a neck finish of 24/410,28/410  and various dip tube lengths for pairing with a range of plastic bottles. These mini trigger sprayers dispense 0.55 cc of product per spray. A locking button along the neck of the sprayers allows for transporting and storing without unwanted discharge. For added versatility, the valve engines are designed to dispense thicker viscosity products, such as gels and serums, assisting in creating a full product line of cohesive hair care products and other cleaning production ,etc.


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