clip-lock lotion pump

Short Description:

Discharge Rate: 1.0+-0.1ML/T

Size: 20/410, 24/410

Material: PP,Stainless spring

Closure Option: Smooth, Ribbed,UV,Aluminium

Color:Custom made, UV coating and aluminum closure available

Application: Cleaning washing ,personal care,biomedicine,cosmetic packaging,chemical industry

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The clip lock lotion pump comes complete with a plastic clip attached to the neck of the pump. This is used to detect any tampering with the product (Tamper Evident) and can also be used as a child safety device.

One advantage of this is that it makes it more difficult for children to accidentally spill the liquid on themselves once you attach the clip. For travelers, it is a good way to prevent lotions, personal care products, or cleaning agents in your bags or luggage from spilling onto your clothes

Lotion Pumps offer superior viscosity and priming capabilities for several products including creams, tonics, hair care, liquid soaps.

This is a Clip-Lock lotion pump design,the output volume is around 1.0ML/T. The closure has size of 24/410 and 20/410 ,this type pump usually use for small side and medium size bottles or jars,which is widely used in the hair care, personal care, pet care, automotive and home care industries.


(1) Good design, prevent liquid leakage

(2) With stainless steel 304 H

(3) Uniform spray volume, with good effects

(4) Easy to use, economic and durable, good sealing


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