All plastic

Short Description:

Name:All-Plastic (FULL Plastic)Trigger sprayer

Discharge Rate: 1.3+-0.2ML/T

Size: 28/400,28/410

Material :PP,PE,POM

Closure Option: Smooth, Ribbed,UV,Aluminium

MOQ:5,000 PCS

Package: Bulk+Plastic bags+Carton


All-Plastic/FULL Plastic Trigger sprayer

The spray pattern can be quite important to some liquid products. You may want a widespread, short spread, mist or foam solution. The liquid type being used is the most important factor here. A good comparison would be a frying oil or a foam cleaning product. This trigger spray top features the easy-to-use mechanism often found on commercial household cleaners. It has a child-proof, locking nozzle. The tube can be trimmed with scissors or bent in the bottle as needed.

Product Detail

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This type of trigger use plastic spring without any steel parts,so it’s safe for any rusty chemical liquid. The spray output is more stronger that the normal trigger spray type.With one complete cover or double combined covers types for you to choose.

Advantage of our trigger sprayer

  • All-plastic, high-output trigger sprayer in a compact, medium profile
  • High chemical compatibility
  • Less resin and lighter weight compared to similar products and competitors
  • Easy to fit into limited shelf height
  • Adjustable nozzle(spray,foam,steam)
  • Improved design results in more product-per-spray, covering a larger area than similar packaging

Using spray bottle with comfort grip trigger nozzles helps reduce the hand fatigue that comes with manual pumping. PP foaming trigger sprayers with comfort grips are suitable for a variety of disinfectants, foaming cleansers, and sanitizers. High output sprayers are available with easy squeeze triggers, and some allow upside down use for 360-degree spraying. Being able to maneuver the bottle 360 degrees reduces stiffness associated with holding a bottle for long periods in one position, or in an awkward position. Additionally, pairing lightweight trigger caps with plastic bottles can make the product easier for consumers to carry.


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